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ITCare Support Program

The ITCare Program is a service that focuses on managing and supporting the internal network, hardware, and software of small to mid-sized companies that don’t have the benefit of a full-time IT staff. This tiered program will improve system uptime and availability (the level of uptime and availability will depend upon the program chosen by the client) which will result in improved utilization and productivity for corporate networks and is custom fitted to each company to ensure a maximum investment to benefit ratio. 

Annual Support Contract Levels

Bronze Support-  Would your company benefit from knowing your systems are being monitored Monday through Friday 8am-5pm? Do you want feel assured that all operating system patches are being deployed? Would you like daily network reports emailed to you informing you of possible technology issues ahead? If so, consider using our Bronze level program.

Silver Support-  Are you looking for (24/7) monitoring of your network systems? Would you like the feeling of knowing that your systems are being protected from viruses and malware by one of the top rated products on the market? Is your company looking to cut down on the amount of SPAM email it receives by implementing a content filter? If you answered yes to all the questions above, the Silver level program will cover your needs and also add all support feature of the Bronze level program.

Gold Support-  How would you like to focus on your business rather than worrying about when the next IT incident is going to occur? Would you sleep better knowing that a professional is monitoring your systems (24/7) and proactively responding to issues when they are detected? If so, then the Gold level program is for you. With the Gold level program you will receive all the benefits of the Bronze and Silver programs, along with the proactive approach of the Gold program.

IT Care Program matrix

All programs listed above are provided by vetted MANTEC Qualified Solution Providers.
A minimum one (1) year signed service agreement is required.

Disclaimer:  Although all diligence will be exercised to monitor and keep your systems free from attacks and undesirable activity, no system protection efforts can guarantee 100% safety from onslaught of malicious or unauthorized electronic hacking attacks. 



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