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Behavioral Assessment

What is a Behavioral Assessment?

The assessment predicts workplace behaviors, approaches to decision-making, flexibility under various conditions, and other important aspects of behavior. It offers valid insight on how people are aligned with business objectives. The Assessments uses the Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) which is a cross-industry, workrelated suite of tools widely recognized for its accuracy, validity, simplicity, and utility.

It allows you to effectively select, motivate and retain your people.  It will also identify which employees will thrive in your organization and which will disappoint.


How can you use Behavioral Assessments?

Selection: hires, promotions, transfers, and terminations
Development: coaching and counseling, designing training programs, and career pathing
Motivation: tailored management approaches to address individual needs
Organizational alignment: team building, executive coaching and succession planning
Retention: Outplacement coaching and counseling, interpersonal dynamics


How is the AVA Behavioral Assessment Different?

Job related. AVA was developed specifically for the needs of the workplace. It assesses workplace behaviors, job activities, and the fit between them. The Job Activity Rating identifies strong candidates for success and for providing managers with a meaningful framework for improving performance and productivity.

Dynamic. AVA reveals how individuals will act in a variety of situations: person to person,
person to job, job to job.

Comprehensive. AVA’s format provides insights into the full range of predictable behaviors,
including the extent of a person’s behavioral tendencies, his or her commitment to a behavior style, his
or her flexibility in the face of situational challenges, and the relationship of behavioral tendencies to
one another.

Highly accurate and reliable. Ongoing research and development assure that AVA results
are valid across a wide range of industries, job descriptions, and employment levels.



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