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Business Process Technology-Software Facilitation Program

Manufacturers achieve their strategic objectives best when they utilize just the right amount of technology. Knowing how to benefit most from the right software and infrastructure is the key to maximizing the value of the business and achieving long term growth. Applying new business systems yields increased productivity, reduced operating expenses, improved information flow and enhanced performance management.

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7 Signs That Your Company is Ready for a Technology Business Solution

  1. Fast and Uncontrolled Growth: Is your organization growing at a very fast pace? Is there significant increase in volumes of production, processes and workforce?
  2. Lack of sufficient and accurate information on your company's performance: Are you facing problems in capturing exact figures or are receiving mismatched data on your company's performance indicators?
  3. Consistent mismatch between inventories and production management: Is there a lack of coordination between sales order processing and inventory managment in your organization?
  4. Duplication of effort: Do you find processes have to be completed over and over again by different persons in your organization to come up with answers?
  5. The right information is not accessible at the right time: Are you not able to access accurate data on stock in inventory, month-end sales figures, orders in transit adn other required information on time?
  6. Little or no ability to forecast or plan: Is your organization's strategic and planning staff not equipped to forecast and often relies on conventional methods for future projections?
  7. Your current system becoming obsolete: Is your existing enterprise system no longer efficiently supporting your day-to-day processes and is negatively impacting the organization's growth?

Software Facilitation Program
We help our clients to recognize and properly value the benefits of new software and infrastructure. We explain the realities of upgrading technology and make sure that the value proposition is strong and the benefits can be achieved. Our clients need upgraded technology to meet customer expectations, work effectively with vendors, and beat the competition by being the most effective.

We perform a full analysis of your business strategy, current and future state operating practices, and an objective assessment of your company's ability to benefit from upgraded software functionality. We document the "quote to cash" requirements to communicate to the technology marketplace how you want to distinguish your organization in the marketplace.

We consider both industry specific and generic manufacturing solutions that are right sized for your company's needs. We carefully structure and faciliate vendor demonstrations so you see what is important and not just what the vendor wants to show you. Through multiple levels of due diligence activity, the right choice is made by you.

We make sure that the final design of the software matches the needs of the business. We make sure that what was demonstrated and verified is delivered and will add the anticipated value. We make sure that the new system get implemented and the users are well trained to add the anticipated value.

We also act as an ERP Advisor to assist in guiding the company through an efficient implementation of an ERP system.

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A Blog Post About Lean Manufacturing

Sept 30, 2008 | Posted By: John Doe | Category: Lean Manufacturing

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