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The Business Transformation offering combines all aspects of our services. Through an assessment strengths and weaknesses of the organization are identified as areas of improvement. MANTEC will then develop a business transformation action plan for your future growth.  View the process.

MANTEC provides the necessary professional business advisory experience and services to actively facilitate the development of an enterprise wide transformation plan that addresses:

  • The goals and aspirations of the CEO and business leaders.
  • Technology, finance, human resources, supplier relations, market analysis and positioning, and product innovation.
  • A compelling vision and clear mission that will guide decision-making and optimize the full potential of the company.

The Biz Scan Assessment is used to identify your strengths and weaknesses within 5 business themes.  They are evaluated and rated ineffective, weakness, moderate and strength.  The assessment will highlight areas of improvement to balance your organization. 


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Business Transformation

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A Blog Post About Lean Manufacturing

Sept 30, 2008 | Posted By: John Doe | Category: Lean Manufacturing

Ses stulta libroj promenos rapide. Nau arboj skribas kvar auxtoj. Kvin stratoj igxis kvar cxambroj. Ses kalkuliloj havas du bildoj, sed kvar rapida birdoj acxetis nau domoj. Kvar kalkuliloj parolis. Ses arboj trinkis nau bieroj. Kwarko varme havas kvin bona vojoj, kaj multaj hundoj batos Londono, sed kvin radioj tre stulte havas kvar vere.

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