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Health and Safety Committee

Effective workplace safety committees are a proven tool in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses, as well as producing significant savings to employers by reducing lost work time, eliminating or minimizing chemical use and disposal, and improving manufacturing processes.

MANTEC’s Health and Safety Committee Program
Through the PENNSAFE initiative, Pennsylvania Safety First, a company may create and certify its own safety committee and apply for a five percent reduction on its workers' compensation premium indefinitely.

MANTEC developed a program to help the small manufacturer who may not have available time or resources, to take advantage of the Pennsylvania Safety First initiative by creating and certifying a safety committee. The MANTEC Health & Safety Committee Program is designed to be implemented through 1-hour monthly meetings, during a period of approximately six months.

This program is intended to assist and guide companies toward achieving a safer and healthier work environment and does not carry the force of legal opinion nor does it relieve the employer from any obligation to comply with all State and Federal laws. For compliance requirements of the OSHA standards or regulations, refer to Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This program does not guarantee approval and/or certification of the company's Safety Committee nor the approval of a Workers' Compensation insurance discount.


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