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What is LEAN?

The technical definition of Lean manufacturing is “A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non-value-added activities) through continuous process improvement by flowing the product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection.”

Non-value-added activities are activities that do NOT change the form, fit, or function of the part and activities the customer does not want to pay for.

Value-added activities are activities that change the form, fit, or function of the part and the customer is willing to pay for them.

Benefits of LEAN
There are tangible and intangible benefits of using the lean tools to make process improvements in the business. Some of the tangible benefits include: reduced lead time for orders, improved quality, reduced cost, reduced inventory, improved productivity, better floor-space utilization. The intangible benefits include better teamwork, improved morale, better perception in the eyes of the customer.

Identify the Waste:

  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Non-utilized People Skills
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Extra processing

Eliminate the Waste
Learning the LEAN Manufacturing concepts and application methods is the start of a life-long journey. Companies embracing LEAN Manufacturing can expect quick, dramatic reductions in waste and improvements in productivity. LEAN Manufacturing is applicable to companies ranging from the small job shop to large manufacturing enterprises. It teaches a systematic approach to eliminating wastes and creating flow throughout the enterprise.

These companies include large and small, product oriented or custom manufacturer, mold shops and other small companies, dispelling the myth that LEAN principles cannot be effectively used at small-volume, high-product-mix operations.

Use of LEAN establishes a systematic approach to eliminating wastes and creating flow throughout the enterprise.

LEAN Assessments
MANTEC's internal staff can visit your facility and identify wastes within your organization and recommend how to implement continuous process improvements.

View the video on Daily Management in a LEAN Environment


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