Information Systems

Network Infrastructure & Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment
Information Systems PlanningMANTEC will review your present systems practices in network security and recommend improvements. The key issues assessed include:

  • Virus Protection
  • Physical Environment
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Policies
  • Hacking Exposure
  • File Permissions
  • Back-up

Infrastructure Assessment
Your current computer resources and information technology systems will be assessed. Upon completing the assessment we will align your computer technology needs with your business strategy, and based on your requirements, we will provide you with options. The MANTEC Information Technology Infrastructure team will:

  • Conduct on-site interviews with key management and information systems personnel.
  • Perform a review of current information systems hardware, software and practices.
  • Analyze the current system and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Recommend next steps to implement a value-added information systems strategy.

Network Penetration Testing

The changes you make to your network on a day-to-day basis can increase the risk of compromise to your critical information and systems. Changes such as providing intranet access to a strategic partner, deploying new applications and implementing new technology can go undiscovered, introducing unacceptable levels of business risk into your environment.
  • Find out exactly what potential security vulnerabilities are present on your network perimeter.
  • Get pratical and relevant technical information on how these vulnerablities can be fixed.

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