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Continuous Improvement 

Profitable Manufacturing Growth

Today’s economy is characterized by a shifting U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that continues to see manufacturing remain an enormous and vital component.  Market shifts mean that manufacturers, particularly small and mid-sized firms, are facing new, significant challenges.  Efficient shop floor operations are a large part of competitive manufacturing, but efficiency alone is not enough in today’s global marketplace. 

U.S. manufacturers must also implement business strategies that leverage their unique capabilities and demonstrate their advantages over competitors.  Manufacturers must rapidly adopt new technologies and develop innovative products as part of these strategies.  Manufacturers must also look for opportunities to be energy efficient with their processes.  And manufacturers must do this while still continuing to constantly implement process innovations to improve their efficiency, productivity, and cost competitiveness.

Manufacturers don’t always know what new, growing industries exist, what kinds of parts those industries need, and whether those parts are a good fit for the hardware and personnel assets they already possess.  Even when the fit is right, manufacturers typically can’t transition instantly.  Retooling existing equipment (e.g., making gears for wind turbines or aircraft engines instead of automobiles), retraining employees, and even learning whole new product and process technologies can be very challenging and time consuming.

To be competitively positioned to capitalize on the opportunities available in the dynamic markets of today and tomorrow – to not just survive, but to grow and thrive – U.S. manufacturers must address six key critical areas in concert:  Continuous Improvement, International Trade, Supplier Development, Sustainability, Technology Acceleration and Workforce.

The Next Generation Manufacturing Strategies deploys a framework that provides manufacturers the ability to address these six critical areas and establish their defendable competitive advantage. Manufacturers’ management and integration of each of these interrelated, interdependent areas will determine their ability to maintain and grow profits and compete in the long term.

MANTEC will continue to serve South Central Pennsylvania as the trusted advisor that helps U.S. manufacturers succeed in their profitable growth and competitiveness by deploying a robust system of tools and services that work together.

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