Sustainability is a business response to the changing global environment.  Sustainability is defined as economic development that meets the need of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainability is a global issue which induced an international response.  Its reach translates almost effortlessly from the national, to the state, and the small to medium enterprise level.  In order to remain successful, tomorrow’s business leaders will need to strategically link abstract related disciplines into a unified strategy.  The strategy will differentiate, create competitive advantage, and think around the corner regarding risk reduction, liability, and positioning.  Leaders will need to recognize the importance of sustainability and integrate its diverse elements as part of the core business, view it as a profit center, an opportunity to be seized, and an investment to be considered like any other long-term investments. 

Sustainable and Green business can:

  • Build operating margins by eliminating wastes
  • Build revenue by anticipating customer need for better, safer, and more environmentally aligned products and services
  • Reduce liability by eliminating hazards to workers and customers before regulators require compliance and before competitors
  • Be a part of the core business
  • Be a potential profit center
  • Be an investment- considered like any other long term investments
  • Be a source of competitive advantage
  • Other advantages might include:
    • Driving a culture of innovation
    • Regulatory insulation
    • Access to markets with license to operate
    • Employee recruitment and retention

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A Blog Post About Lean Manufacturing

Sept 30, 2008 | Posted By: John Doe | Category: Lean Manufacturing

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